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Auto Chemistry Analyzer

49 Sample positions. 56 Reagent positions. 120 Reaction cuvettes. 200 tests per hour. Probe with anti-collision function, liquid level detection function.

Auto Chemistry Analyzer (Mini)

37 Sample positions. 28 Reagent positions. 48 Reaction cuvettes. 200 Tests per hour. Probe anti-collision function,liquid level detection function.

Auto Urine Analyser

Fully automatic. High precision sample giving system. Each module adapts 32 bit ARM processor. Can be connected to urine tangible composition analyser.

ESR Analyzer

Large color display with touch screen. Throughput is up to 80T/H. Two kinds of measuring time: 30 mins or 60 mins. ESR curve display and print out. Barcode reader optional. LIS system available.

Semi-auto Coagulation Analyzer

Semi Auto Coagulation Analyzer is easy-to-use equipped with precise pipette. Small volume of sample and reagent is needed for tests to save cost, for sure it is designed to meet the requirement of small lab or clinics.

Urine Analyzer

LCD display, keyboard operation. Automatically collect wasted strips. Build-in thermal printer. Standard RS-232 port. Each item sensitivity adjustable. User can setup abnormal index and mark demarcation point.